Regalia Fabrics

Islander, Seville, and Verona Polyester

We offer three types of academic regalia fabrics: Islander, Seville, and Verona Polyester.

Regalia Fabrics

Professional Fabric Types and Colors

Our professional line of academic regalia comes in your choice of two different but related fabrics: Seville, and Islander Polyester. Each comes in a variety of color choices.

Seville: History of about 20 years for academic regalia. Made by one of the largest mills in the USA with VISA anti stain protection. The weave is a gabardine, which provides for a very strong structure, and has excellent wrinkle resistance. It also tends to be somewhat cooler than Islander. Constructed from 100% polyester this fabric can also be washed in an emergency. Like Islander however, the velvet panels are not washable and eventually your robe must be dry-cleaned.

In general, Seville comes in the following colors: Navy, Purple, Bluegrass, White, Coffee Bean, Coppertone, Black, Royal, Burgundy, Spruce, Ivory, Wine, Red, Silver, Slate Blue, and Sapphire. Color swatch cards are available on request. See the color chart below.

Seville Fabric Color Chart

Navy Purple Blue Grass White Coffee Bean Coppertone Black Royal
Navy Purple Bluegrass White Coffee Bean Coppertone Black Royal
Burgundy Spruce Ivory Wine Red Silver Slate Blue Sapphire
Burgundy Spruce Ivory Wine Red Silver Slate Blue Sapphire


Islander: A history of over 30 years for academic regalia. Imported, 100% Polyester crepe weave with excellent wrinkle resistance and long life. The weave is strong enough to prevent sagging with the weight of velvet bars or front panels, which translates into a longer life for the robe. Polyester provides the important feature of wash-ability, if you accidentally spill coffee or a get bit of frosting on the fabric portion of your robe, saving on extra cleaning. The velvet portion of is not washable and must be dry-cleaned.

In general, Islander comes in black only. We do carry some additional colors, but they are limited, depend on our inventory at the time, and generally being phased out.. You can view the colors we sometimes have in stock on our Fabric Colors page.

Islander Colors


Verona Fabrics

Verona Fabric and Color Options

The Verona fabric includes a more adult-looking matte black or royal blue (your choice) sheen as opposed to the shiny one found with our Keeper line of souvenir graduation gowns. It is less glossy than the picture shown here.

Verona fabric features a stronger weave than our Keeper fabric for more durability in the wash, allowing you to safely use a washing machine with these gowns, and they should last for several years.

Verona fabric comes in only royal blue or black. If you need a different color, you will need to order a Professional style gown instead..

Verona Colors

Royal Blue Black

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